IOS Party Island Presents – How To Throw An Epic House Party

If you have a long weekend coming up, you should be planning an epic house party. This is a way better alternative than wasting a bunch of money at the clubs and bars! Even though throwing a house party can be fun, it can also be extremely stressful. There are so many different things you have to take into consideration.

Such as: Have I showered today? Do I have enough snacks to feed everyone here? How much money do I have to spend at Spec’s?

Here are nine ways to make your house party insanely epic.

1. Start with the Guest List: Make sure that you make a Facebook invite, and invite every single one of your close friends. Also, let them invite some of their friends so it becomes an epic party.

2. Cooking is a big NO-NO: There is absolutely no reason for you to have to cook when you are hosting a house party. Make the right decision and order a bunch of Taco Bell that can be shared with everyone. And as long as there are enough chips and guacamole, no one will be that upset about the food situation. also feel free to tell everyone that it can be BYOF, or bring your food. This will help keep the costs down and make it easier on the food delivery process.

3. Have A Kickass Theme: This is dependant on what they guy to girl ratio is, but theme it in a way that it helps connect the single guys with the single ladies. Trust me, your friends will love you even more if you hosted a party that resulted in a little evening romance.

4. Cheap Alcohol: This is another great way to cut costs. There are lots of places that have amazing deals on alcohol, just do your research before you buy or even better, invite a friend that works as a liquor rep to bring some for free.

5. Control The Music: You don’t need to hire a professional DJ to get the party started. Just connect your kickass Spotify playlist and you’re good to go. You can also use Rhapsody, SoundCloud, or YouTube music to get some awesome tracks to listen to.

6. Lock the bedroom: If you have a couple of handsy friends, Make sure that they don’t get anywhere near your bedroom. This could result in and some unplanned pregnancies and unwanted consequences. If they absolutely must get together, just tell Sid and Nancy to get a cab.

7. Cleaning: We can’t stress this enough. Next, to security, you should have a maid on board. And if you need some help moving some stuff around, hire some professionals by clicking here.

8. Neighbors & Cops: Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to prepare for the shenanigans. If you don’t want a gate crash for cops like Project X, don’t forget to turn the volume down after 10:30!

9. Photographer: If there are any pictures of the party it didn’t happen. This is an Instagram fact! Invite a professional to do this for you or just pick your friend that has the best camera on his phone. Well, there you have it! This is the best guide that we can give you to throw an epic house party! We can’t wait to hear about your amazing container event.